Annual Meeting Minutes for 2009

Green Jade Estates (Shangri-La Estates, Plat 5)

Board of Trustees

Green Jade Estates Drive

Fenton, MO 63026

Minutes of the Annual Meeting, 4/18/09, 10:00 a.m.

Our annual meeting was called to order by our President, Ron Davis, and was attended by Board members Steve English and Amy Rust, along with approximately 12 homeowners.

  1. Meeting opened with Ron thanking all of those who came to the meeting, and alerting them to security issues in our area. We have experienced an attempted vehicle break-in on our street and the neighboring street has had home break-ins. Please be aware of your surroundings – if something or someone looks out of place, it probably is. Talk to your neighbors and if necessary, contact the authorities and make a report about the incident. If the number of incidents increases, Jefferson County may feel it’s necessary to patrol our area more frequently.
  2. The budget was handed out to all in attendance and reviewed. (copy attached) Income and expenditures should remain about the same in most areas. The figures listed in the proposed budget are merely estimations and could actually be lower or higher than anticipated. It was noted that less is budgeted for street repairs this year because we will not be doing any concrete work, just some asphalt patch in a few areas.
  3. Assessments – The Board voted to keep the assessments at $195 for each home this year.
  4. 1st New proposed expenditure:we would like to allow $500 for Neighborhood Beautification projects. Examples would be planting around the gazebo(s), repairing and painting park benches, repairing fencing on the common ground, etc. Amy Rust and Leslie Vickers have agreed to help with this work. Any other residents who would like to help with any projects should contact one of the Trustees for more information. This item was put to a vote and passed unanimously by those present.
  5. 2nd new proposed expenditure: we would like to recognize properties in our neighborhood who make improvements to their property. We will have one winner each month receiving a $25 Lowe’s Gift Card. The winning properties will all placed in a hat at the end of the yearly period (May to April) and one property will be selected to receive an annual CASH prize of $300. When put to a vote, this issue passed unanimously by residents at the meeting.
  6. 3rd new proposed expenditure: The Board would like to look into options for installing speed bumps on the street. We are still trying to get people to slow down as they drive on our street. It was approved for the Board to seek bids on installation of speed bumps.
  7. Election of one trustee – Amy Rust served an additional year on the Board, due to unexpected circumstances with one of the Board members. We need to elect one Board member at this time. Laura Slamp volunteered to serve on the Board, Ron Davis made a motion, Amy Rust seconded, and the motion passed unanimously by all those in attendance. Laura will be a trustee for a three year term.
  8. New business – One resident asked if we could establish a “Dog Run” for those residents who have pets. This would give them a place to let the dogs run. With this discussion, a suggestion was made for the Board to provide a waste receptacle for depositing animal waste. The Board will look into the possibility of a “Dog Run.”
  9. Another resident inquired about grates for the storm sewers. The storm sewers are not maintained by Meramec Sewer, so we will have to seek bids from other contractors. This will be custom work, as all storm sewers are different.
  10. Residents were reminded that yard waste is to be dumped at the east end of the fence in the common ground. As the amount of debris is piling up, we will be contacting a company with a back hoe to push the waste down the hill, and out of sight.
  11. One of our neighbors has volunteered to set up a website for us. This should help everyone communicate and stay informed.
  12. Final thought – Please don’t be a litterbug! We heard some complaints at our annual meeting that trash has been thrown from vehicles as they are driving down our street. More than likely these are guests of our residents, because residents want their neighborhood to look nice, right?!. So, kindly use a trash can to dispose of trash from cars and remind visitors to do the same, so we can keep our neighborhood looking nice!

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m

Ron Davis (636) 343-3007 Steve English (636) 305-1949 Laura Slamp (636) 349-7983


Al Gasbarini, Harry Speckler, Mike and Laura Slamp, Scott Uldermuth, Cristin Hohns, Andrew Melzak, Steve and Angie English, Mike and Melanie Perry, Kevin and Melissa Lampe, Dani Siebert, and Jenny Slominski.  (Sorry for any misspellings)


One thought on “Annual Meeting Minutes for 2009

  1. Megan

    I wasn’t able to attend the association meeting. My house is next to the storm drains and I don’t know why grates are needed. I think it would be an unnecessary expense for the association.


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