Meeting of Board of Trustees – May 19, 2009

Green Jade Estates (Shangri-La Estates, Plat 5)

Board of Trustees

Green Jade Estates Drive

Fenton, MO 63026

May 19, 2009


Meeting opened.  Trustees present include Ron Davis, Steve English, Laura Slamp, and Amy Rust.

First order of business

As discussed at annual subdivision meeting, we once again discussed the plan of the having speed bumps added to the street.  Steve had recommended all members look into a website he found for the speed bumps.  Steve also encouraged each member to do some research of their own to find an acceptable company with competitive pricing.

Second order of business

As discussed at annual subdivision meeting, Mike Slamp had volunteered to make sewer grates.  Ron is asking that Mike please submit a written proposal to the board as soon as possible.  The board will then review the proposal and make a decision about the installation of said grates.

Third order of business

All subdivision/board documentation was given to Laura Slamp from Amy Rust.  Discussion was made regarding how long documents need to be retained.  Ron will inquire into this information when he is in contact with City and Village.  It was discussed that all documentation that is no longer necessary be disposed of properly, including shredding of sensitive documentation.  Laura has offered to take said documentation to a shredder after Ron reviews said documents.

Amy Rust has served as secretary for the board past the 3 year regulated term due to unforeseen circumstances.  At this time, Laura Slamp is the new secretary for the next 3 years.  Documentation was reviewed, and will be filed with City and Village by Ron.

Fourth order of business

Amy Rust has agreed to submit a verbal proposal of cost to Ron for neighborhood beautification project that was agreed upon at annual subdivision meeting.  Amy will deliver this proposal to Ron in the next couple of weeks.  Amy then excused herself from the meeting.

Fifth order of business

Discussion of opening a ‘dog run’ as discussed in subdivision meeting.  It was voted that at such time that the web site for the subdivision is up and running; we will post a spot to further obtain homeowners desire for such.  If the majority of the subdivision believes this is a good option, we will further discuss placement and how it will be handled.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm


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