Park Bench Repairs

There has been some concern regarding the up-keep of the park benches in the common ground areas.  It was put to a vote and unanimously agreed upon by all board members to use some of the subdivision funds to replace all 10 benches with a durable composite decking type material, rather than having to paint the benches on a yearly basis, and replace the wood as needed.  We believe this will be cost effective and help with beautification of the neighborhood.  Ron will pick up all materials needed, and we are planning to do the repairs on Saturday August 1, 2009.  We plan to start around 11am, weather permitting.  Any one who is able to volunteer their time in helping with this project would be greatly appreciated.  We will also be painting all of the existing metal supports for the benches.

So come on and join in as you are able!  We can all work as a team to keep our subdivision a beautiful place we are proud to call home!

Please contact one of the board members with any questions.


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