Ron Davis stepping down as President

Hello Neighbors, It is with a great deal of regret that I must resign from the Board of Trustees for the Green Jade Estates sub-division. Because of some personal issues that require my full attention, I can no longer fulfill my position as President to the level of attention the position deserves.

Let it be known that I have enjoyed the last 2 1/2 years serving on the board. I hope I was able to make a difference in our neighborhood. Mostly I enjoyed meeting so many of you.

OUR neighborhood is full of a lot of GREAT people. To some folks that have contacted me with various issues please stay vocal with your opinions. In fact I encourage you to get MORE involved in our neighborhood. You see everyone that owns a home here is on the “Board of Trustees”. You have a right to your opinion. There may be more that feel as you do. So get involved and be proactive, it will help us all.

It is my understanding that Mike Perry will fill my vacancy as Steve English steps up to the Presidents position. In closing I wish all on the Board well. Also to you my neighbors I wish you all comfort and happiness.

Warmest regards, (your neighbor) Ron Davis.


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