Annual Meeting Minutes for 2010

Green Jade Estates (Shangri-La Estates, Plat 5)

Board of Trustees

Green Jade Estates Drive

Fenton, MO 63026

Annual Subdivision meeting minutes from 04/18/2010

We would first like to thank those of you who made the time to attend the meeting. We know that everyone has a busy life, but this is YOUR subdivision.

During this meeting, a proposed budget, as well as the actual expenses from the 2009 fiscal year were presented. We will post this on the website as well. Subdivision dues have gone up from $195 to $200 annually. While we realize financial situations are still not completely recovered from last year, we are also aware that just as your cost of living has increased, so has the cost of maintenance for the subdivision.

It was agreed that the “Property of the month” recognition will continue for this year, however, will be done on a bi-monthly basis. Each recipient will receive a $50 Lowe’s Gift Card and be entered in to the yearly drawing for $300 cash. The winner this year was House #265, congratulations. We do require you to be present at the meeting to be eligible for the cash prize, and this year, two homes were drawn prior to the winner being present.

It was agreed that we would allocate $20,000 for street repairs. While we are aware that this will not fix all the problem areas, it will give us a good start. The board members will hold a “walking meeting” to determine which slabs are in the most urgent need of repair.

We would once again like to remind everyone of the 20mph speed limit on our street. It was also brought up at the meeting that there are some issues with excessive noise at night. We ask that you please limit horn honking and any other excessive noise after 10pm. This is a courtesy to your neighbor, and I’m sure you would like the same extended to you.

Please remember that per our bi-laws, trash cans should go out to the curb NO EARLIER THAN 8pm the night prior to pick up. There has been notice of excess trash on the streets and common areas, it is our street and we all benefit from keeping it clean and safe.

Please remember that it is YOUR responsibility to clean up after your own pet while walking them (on a lead) and disposing of their waste properly.

We are planning to rent a wood chipper to clear out some of the brush which has accumulated at the TOP of the yard waste dumping area. Thanks for those who have volunteered their time to take care of this. Please remember that when you dump your YARD WASTE ONLY at the end of the fence line (this is the only acceptable area to dump), it is necessary to push it DOWN the hill as far as possible (this is easier if broken down into smaller pieces). This will help keep our common ground looking better.

We had some interest in recycling availability at the meeting. At this time, Allied Waste does NOT offer this service in our area. We are looking into some other options for trash service that would offer this service. We will keep you updated via the web page.

It has been brought to the board’s attention that there are some concerns about inappropriate water drainage coming from the street above us (Shangri-La). We will attempt to contact a board member for that subdivision to see if we can rectify that problem.

We are happy to announce that a resident has volunteered to put together the annual subdivision garage sale again this year. Please look to the website for details.

We will also be arranging a subdivision BBQ for June 19th. Several families have volunteered to bring a BBQ pit, and we are asking that each family bring a side dish, any beverages you may want, and your lawn chairs. We feel like this is a perfect opportunity to get to know the people in your subdivision. Please look to the website for more details as the date approaches.

Finally, we are again asking that you please visit our subdivision website for updates regarding the subdivision. This is a much more effective means of communication. We have been working hard to keep this site updated, as well as adding additional features to it. At this time, we are working to get the bi-laws posted, as well as creating a “message board” type area, where you can list “help wanted”, or “services available”.

As a reminder, please feel free to address any of your concerns directly with the individual they relate to. If you are uncomfortable, or get no results with this, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the board members. This is our neighborhood, and we should all work to make it a better place to live.


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