Items that affect all Green Jade residents

Hello to everyone and Happy Holidays, I just wanted to pass on a few things, a couple reminders and such.

I’ve had a couple phone calls and a few people stop me on the street recently with questions and concerns:

  1. It’s that time of year for snow, so when it snows we need to put our vehicles in our driveways, so that the street can be plowed properly. Also normally we only have the hill salted, but on occasion if it’s really bad or icey we might have the whole street done, but we have to watch how we spend our (limited amount of) money in case we get alot of snow.
  2. Per the Bylaws there are to be no unlicensed vehicles to be driven on the street (ie Four wheelers and go karts).
  3. Trash is not to be put out on the curb until after 8pm the night before pickup and removed from the curb by 8pm the day of pickup.
  4. And finally the problem that never seems to go away, SPEEDING! The posted speed limit on our street is 20mph, I have had people tailgate me down the street before when doing 20. We all need to slow down for everyone’s safety, and please tell your guests to respect our speed limit too, thanks.

Please note a couple of the above items were also reported in the Annual Meeting Minutes for 2010:

We would once again like to remind everyone of the 20mph speed limit on our street. It was also brought up at the meeting that there are some issues with excessive noise at night. We ask that you please limit horn honking and any other excessive noise after 10pm. This is a courtesy to your neighbor, and I’m sure you would like the same extended to you.

Please remember that per our bi-laws, trash cans should go out to the curb NO EARLIER THAN 8pm the night prior to pick up. There has been notice of excess trash on the streets and common areas, it is our street and we all benefit from keeping it clean and safe.

Once again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Board of Trustees directly via the new Contact Form or contact one of us directly or leave a comment below.


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