Street Repairs 2011

Road Work SignUpdated: Monday 20th June 2011.

The below quoted item relating to “Street Repairs” is taken from Annual Meeting Minutes for 2011:

  1. Last year we spent $18,000 on replacing a number of concrete slabs on the street and $2,000 on asphalt patching. This year (2011) it is unlikely we will replace any concrete slabs due to the limited funds the subdivision has at its disposal. We do plan to asphalt patch the worse areas in the street (probably sometime in June, once we’re clear of the wet weather season). Subdivision funds allowing, we plan to replace more concrete slabs next year (2012).

Weather permitting, asphalt patching of our street (holes/defects outlined in yellow paint) will be undertaken this coming week, Monday 20th – Friday 24th June 2011.

To aid the road crew in carrying out these repairs in a safe and timely manner, we please ask that you do not park on the street at this time.

Your cooperation and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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