Annual Meeting Minutes for 2012

Green Jade Estates (Shangri-La Estates, Plat 5)
Board of Trustees
Green Jade Estates Drive
Fenton, MO 63026
Annual Subdivision meeting minutes from 04/15/2012

“Thank you” to the 11 households who made the time to attend our subdivision meeting. We appreciate that everyone has a busy life, but this is YOUR subdivision.

Expenses from the 2011 fiscal year were discussed and, if anyone wanted to see a more detailed breakdown, a paper copy was available on request.

  1. Once again we would like to remind everyone of the 20mph SPEED LIMIT on our street. The speed limit is there for the safety of everyone on our street and should be observed at all times.
  2. Excessive noise; eg car stereos, continuous over-revving of engines, kids/teenagers out playing at night (eg basketball after dark) or hanging around the street and common ground areas. We especially ask that you please limit noise after 10pm, this is a common courtesy to all residents, we’re sure you would like the same extended to you.
  3. Our street has 4 common ground areas, they are there for the benefit and enjoyment of all residents. They offer a safe place for the kids living on the street (and their friends) to play. When leaving a common ground area it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself (they are not a place to dump cigarette butts, empty cigarette packets, soda cans and bottles, or any other kind of trash).
  4. Last year we spent $850 on asphalt patching the street. This year (2012) we plan to spend somewhere between $10,000 to $15,000 replacing a number of concrete slabs and asphalt patching smaller areas in need of repair (probably sometime in June, once we’re clear of the wet weather season).
  5. Last year we continued the upkeep and beautification of common ground areas eg.

    • Bottom Gazebo Repaired and New Plants Planted
    • “GARDEN WASTE” (located in main common ground area) dumping area was cleared and enlarged somewhat, therefore making it much easier to dump your GARDEN WASTE ONLY properly and safely. Please remember when dumping your GARDEN WASTE ONLY at the end of the fence line (this is the only acceptable area to dump), it is necessary to push it DOWN the hill as far as possible (this is easier if it is broken down into smaller pieces). This will help keep our common ground looking good.
    • A total of 455 Daffodil bulbs were planted in the 4 common ground areas.

    If any resident would like to see, or has an idea for, a common ground beautification project please feel free to speak with one of the Board of Trustees –

  6. Subdivision dues have gone up from $225 to $250 annually. Without these dues our street would not be able to be maintained, improved for all living in the street. Subdivision dues enable us to cover the cost of utilities, grass cutting of our 4 common ground areas, snow removal and salting, street repairs (replacement of concrete slabs, asphalt patching, etc), and other expenses the neighborhood incurs.
    Residents are more than welcome to contact “City & Village” directly: — and arrange a payment scheme that fits their budget, when paying the annual dues.
  7. Please remember that, per our bylaws (refer to, trash cans should go out to the curb NO EARLIER THAN 8pm the night prior to pick up and removed from the curb NO LATER THAN 8pm the day of pick up.
  8. Please remember that it is YOUR responsibility to clean up after your own pet while walking them (on a leash) and disposing of their waste properly.
  9. Open discussion, the main points raised by residents were:

    • Excessive noise, especially after dark, it’s un-neighborly and can easily become a nuisance.
    • Keeping our street and common ground areas clean and free of trash. Each individual is responsible for cleaning up after themselves – it’s not your neighbor’s job to do so.
    • People of all ages out playing or walking in the street need to be aware and respectful of cars going up and down the street eg not continue to play around them as they drive by, likewise cars (drivers) to need to be respectful of the 20mph SPEED LIMIT.

    Please remember it is our street and every resident has a responsibility for the upkeep and well-being of our street.

  10. As mentioned previously, Laura Slamp has stepped down this month (April 2012) from the Board of Trustees. Residents in attendance were asked if any of them would like to put their name forward for the vacant position on the board, no one stepped forward to volunteer. Steve and Mike (the remaining 2 board members) will therefore continuing looking for someone to join them on the board.
  11. “Property of the month” $300 cash draw: The winner in this year’s random drawing was House #301, congratulations.

Late notice: We are happy to announce we will be holding our annual subdivision garage sale again this year. Please look to the website for details.

Finally, we encourage all residents to please visit our subdivision website: — it contains information, news, updates, etc that directly relates to YOUR subdivision. It offers an effective means of communication to all residents and we have been working hard to keep this site updated for the benefit of everyone.

As a reminder, please feel free to address any of your concerns directly with the individual they relate to. If you are uncomfortable, or get no results with this, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the board members. This is our neighborhood, and we should all work to make it a better place to live.


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