Top Gazebo Common Ground Area Tidied Up

In our ongoing effort to maintain and improve our street’s common ground areas for the benefit of all residents, Bill (318 Green Jade), Steve (261 Green Jade) and myself (276 Green Jade) spent a good 1½ hours yesterday (Sunday 10th June 2012) morning taking down and clearing away the overgrown tree suckers blocking the view of the Gazebo in the Top Gazebo Common Ground Area.

To further improve the overall look of this common ground area we may later this year look into installing some kind of flowerbed within this newly cleared area.

Additionally, we spent some time yesterday cleaning up the “GARDEN WASTE” dumping area (located in main common ground area) by pushing garden waste (bio-degradable material) that was already there, further down the slope.

As a reminder the “GARDEN WASTE” dumping area is NOT the place for dumping building material waste, non bio-degradable material, etc.

Please remember when dumping your GARDEN WASTE ONLY at the end of the fence line (this is the only acceptable area to dump), it is necessary to push it DOWN the hill as far as possible (this is easier if it is broken down into smaller pieces). This will help keep our common ground looking good.

Below are just some of the beautification and maintenance projects that have been carried out in our common ground areas:

If any resident would like to see, or has an idea for, a common ground beautification project please feel free to speak with one of the Board of Trustees –


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