Street Repairs 2013

Road Work Sign

The below quoted “Street Repairs” item is taken from Annual Meeting Minutes for 2013:

  1. Last year we spent $17,090 on replacing a number of concrete slabs and some asphalt patching on the street. This year (2013) we plan to asphalt patch the worse areas in the street (probably sometime in June, once we’re clear of the wet weather season). Subdivision funds allowing, we plan to replace more concrete slabs next year (2014).

Asphalt patching of our street was done earlier today (20th June 2013). All areas, holes, that could be (successfully) patched have been.

Apologies for the lack of advanced notice this work was going to take place today, reason being – as less than 2 tonne (minimum order) of asphalt was required to complete the work, the asphalt company we have been using for a number of years suggested they come in and carry out the work when they had some leftover asphalt from a larger job. This meant we didn’t have to pay for 2 tonnes of asphalt ie The asphalt company did our sub-division a favor, which ultimately saved us some money.


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