Annual Subdivision Meeting, Friday April 11th 2014

Hello neighbors, it’s that time of year again, time for our annual subdivision meeting. The meeting will be held on Friday April 11th at 07:00pm in the top common ground area (between homes #289 & #301), which is a little more than halfway down the street on the left-hand side.

We will be discussing a variety of different topics that affect all residents and the street we live in. This meeting offers every resident the opportunity to have their voice heard, from things you may not like seeing on our street to things you’d like to see happen. It’s also an opportunity to meet and welcome new residents to the neighborhood.

  • Mike Perry will be stepping down from his role on the Board of Trustees, therefore we will be looking for residents who are interested in joining the board – if you are interested in such a role, please come to the annual meeting and put your name forward (or contact a Board Trustee beforehand). All residents in attendance will then be asked to vote on appointing a new Board Member.

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