Street Repairs 2014

Road Work SignAs reported at our annual Subdivision Meeting held in April 2014, street repairs would be undertaken in two stages this year. Unfortunately, it is necessary to carry out the work in two parts due to the overall cost (+$21,000) and the amount of money we, as a subdivision, currently have at our disposal to spend on street repairs…

Stage 1: Replacement of a number of concrete slabs (locations given below, and were marked out on the actual street in orange paint earlier today), total cost ~$18,750.

  • 292 Green Jade – 100′ x 13′
  • 228 Green Jade – 48′ x 13′
  • 216 Green Jade – 46′ x 13′
  • 225-229 Green Jade – 8′ x 13′
  • 240 Green Jade – 4′ x 13′

Stage 2: Asphalt patching, approximately 40 locations along the length of our street, total cost ~$2,500.

We had planned on Stage 1 beginning sometime during the first week of June (2014), but due to circumstances beyond our control, the start date needed to be pushed back by a week or two.

Yesterday (Tuesday 10 June) the concrete company who will be carrying out the work contacted and told us they would be able to come in and start work on Thursday 12 June. All residents directly affected by Stage 1 (eg limited or no access to their driveways while work is carried out, etc), were notified that same evening (for a second time, as all had previously been contacted back in early May), letting them know exactly what will be going on outside their homes and when.

Below is the plan of attack for Stage 1 as given to us by the concrete company:

  1. Thursday 12 June, remove (part of) existing concrete slab 225-229 Green Jade – 8′ x 13′, prepare area for concreting, then pour new concrete slab, all in the same day.
  2. Allow newly poured concrete slab to cure for (at least) 4 days before removing traffic cones and allowing traffic to drive on it.
  3. Once the above couple of items have been completed, work may commence on ALL other areas of replacing concrete slabs, this should mean work beginning on those areas by Wednesday 18 June. UPDATE: This work will begin tomorrow (Friday 20 June), then pouring of new concrete slabs should take place on Saturday 21 June.

Stage 2 (asphalt patching) will then occur as soon as we (our subdivision) have enough funds at our disposal to proceed with getting this second part of the work carried out – currently hoping this will be sometime in July or August of this year. UPDATE: This work will take place tomorrow (Tuesday 1 July).

To aid the road crew in carrying out these repairs in a safe and timely manner, we please ask that you do not park on the street at the above times.

Your cooperation and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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